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5 Reasons to spend Spring in Queenstown


croppedimage960390 Walking down Lake Esplanade in spring

Queenstown has become renowned as the Southern Hemispheres Winter wonderland, and it’s not hard to see why. But don’t count us out for Spring. Queenstown comes to life in Spring with the best of Summer and Winter combined, and not to mention our world class ski fields and stunning mountain and lake vistas.

We have put together 5 reasons why Queenstown should be at the top of your must-visit list this Spring.

Biking & Hiking

Biking and Hiking trails that are closed over winter, open and welcome travellers to experience Queenstown’s diverse geography and alpine settings. Whether it be an adrenaline ride down the Skyline hill bike trail or a weekend walk taking you deep into Queenstown’s untouched back country.

Bluebird Days on the mountain:

The beginning of Spring welcomes warmer temperatures which only make days up the mountain even more irresistible. With the Queenstown ski season generally going right through to early October experiencing the mountain scene in Spring is a must! The warmer temperatures bring with them softer snow and bluebird days, no dorky thermals necessary!

Longer days

While Queenstown is generally done at full pace, with longer days/ daylight hours there is no rush. You can start your morning up the mountain and end your day with an afternoon round of golf, fitting more of the countless activities Queenstown has to offer into one day. 

Queenstown Blossom

Take a walk and enjoy the changing temperatures, colours and scents as winter makes way for Spring and Queenstown comes into bloom. Head to the Queenstown Gardens considered the “crown jewel of Queenstown reserves” and enjoy the sights and smells of Spring.

Al Fresco Dining

The warmer temperatures that Spring brings mean Queenstown’s local restaurants begin to open their doors and spread outside for Al Fresco Dining. In true kiwi style maybe get some fish n chips head to Queenstown Bay and enjoy your dinner while watching the sunset over Lake Wakatipu.   

With the famous kiwi ingenuity, we have countless opportunities for adventure to be had, paired with amazing food, wine and culture – Spend your Spring holiday in Queenstown and we guarantee it will be a memorable one.

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