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Autumn in Queenstown


Arrowtown Golf Course in Autumn

Queenstown has quickly become known as New Zealand’s year-round holiday destination, with the dramatic scenery being beautiful in every season, and Autumn is no exception delivering an unforgettable experience.

Long Summer evenings make way for the bright orange and red hues of Autumn as the temperature changes and the trees succumb to the change in seasons. The blaze of red and gold leaves that dominate the hillsides of the region provide a beautiful contrast against the deep blue of the lake and milky glacial blue of the rivers.

An Autumn visit to Queenstown isn’t complete without taking a drive to Arrowtown. The historic gold mining town sits along the bank of the Arrow River which is home to one of the most impressive displays of Autumn colours the region has to offer.

Another must visit for the Autumn enthusiast or budding photographer is the Queenstown Gardens located in the heart of Queenstown. Here you will find beautiful seasonal flower beds and the red and gold leaves of Maple and Poplar trees mixed in with the native evergreens which remain the same no matter the season.

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