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Driving Guide: Queenstown to Milford Sound


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The drive takes approximately four hours and is filled with magnificent views. It’s a good idea to split the driving between two, as not only does it ensure you don't get overtired, but it gives you each a chance to properly absorb the views on offer as you make your way south.

In order to make your Milford Sound experience a day trip, we recommend leaving early in the morning. Beginning your journey by winding your way along Lake Wakatipu provides amazing views of Queenstown and the Remarkable's in your rear-view mirror. As you make your way further south and into a much wilder and remote part of the country, the sun will begin to rise and your anticipation will heighten.

After two and half hours you will find yourself in Te Anau - the gateway to Milford Sound. Te Anua should be considered the last ‘pitstop' before you head into the wilds of Fiordland National Park. Ensure to fill your car with petrol as there are no petrol stations from this point on and you will need enough gas to return to Te Anau. Milford Sound is remote and offers very little in the way of shops to purchase essentials; so ensure that after taking a moment to marvel in the beauty of Lake Te Anau - the South Islands largest lake - you gather all your essentials for the day and set off again.

The final leg of the drive up State Highway 94 is pure magic. The winding road is framed by Beech forest and allows fleeting glimpses of Lake Te Anau; ensure your camera batteries are fully charged so you can capture the beauty. Before reaching Milford Sound you will drive through Homer Tunnel. Opened in 1954, the tunnel was once the worlds longest gravel road tunnel; though of course, it has since been sealed. 

Arriving in Milford Sound, the towering cliffs and endless fiords are other-worldly and will take your breath away instantly. Spend the day cruising the fiords, taking pictures, and absorbing scenery you simply cannot experience anywhere else in the world.

Your Milford Sound visit is sure to be unlike anything else you've experienced and will leave you exhausted but full of wonder for this magnificent part of the world. Commonage Villas luxury accommodation is the perfect place to rest your souls after such an adventure. Choose from a range of Villas catering to your every need, and enjoy a restful sleep after all your driving.

*Please remember to drive to the conditions and the speed limit, and if there's a lot of traffic behind you, let them pass.

Check the Queenstown to Milford Sound Road Status here.

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