Booking Terms & Conditions

All Staysouth bookings are secured by way of email confirmation from Staysouth to you/The Lead Guest. A booking is deemed to be confirmed and a property secured once the deposit is paid and a valid credit card number is received.  

All credit card details held on file against a booking must be entered by the Lead Guest into Staysouth’s reservation system/secure merchant services vault via a secure email link provided by Staysouth Reservations.  If credit card details are not entered by the Lead Guest via this secure link Staysouth reserves the right to cancel your booking prior to check-in time or within 48hours of the emailed booking confirmation, whichever is sooner. 

Note: this link is generated by Staysouth and is not the same as that generated by an online third-party booking platform e.g. or Expedia etc.  If you, The Lead Guest, have already entered credit card details via one of these platforms, Staysouth may still require The Lead Guest to re-enter their details using our link as well as provide photo ID in the name of the lead guest and the card holder. The Lead Guest may also be asked to produce the card and corresponding photo ID at the time of check-in (to verify the card belongs to a person staying).  This is to protect us, Staysouth, and our Property Owners in the event of credit card fraud.

Total payment of the booking is made across two payments:  

  • Payment One - A deposit of 50% of your accommodation cost is required to confirm your booking and secure the property.  If booking online; this will be automatically charged to your credit/debit card at the time of booking. 
  • Payment Two - The remaining 50% is due 30 days prior to your arrival date and will automatically be charged to the card used at the time of booking.  Please note: Credit card data is held in a secure and encrypted environment.

Bookings made within 30 days of your arrival:  100% of your accommodation cost will be charged at the time of booking (this may be processed in two payments).

Payment Methods:  Staysouth accepts bank/wire transfers and VISA & MASTERCARD card payments. All bank transfer fees must be paid by the payer into: 

  • Account Name: Ltd
  • Bank Name and Address:  ASB Bank Limited, Commercial - Central Otago, Shop 07-201 Remarkables Park, Queenstown, New Zealand
  • BSB Code/ Bank Account Number: 12-3195 0023678-00,
  • SWIFT (Routing) Code: ASBBNZ2A.
  • Bank transfers requires your Staysouth Reservation ID number is entered as a reference in the particulars of your transaction/s in order to match payment.

Payment Two - Alternate Payment Method:  If you prefer to pay via bank transfer into our NZ bank account please advise us in the SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS or COMMENTS field in the online booking form and Staysouth will email you our bank details.  All bank transfer fees must be paid by the payer, including international landing fees or cash handling charges. Any shortfall in bank transfer payments will be charged to The Lead Guest's credit card. 

Card transactions and "add-ons":  All card transactions incur an additional administration fee of 3%.  This is charged in Payment Two along with any add-ons like baby equipment hire, roll-away bed etc.  Visa & MasterCard are accepted.

International bank/wire transfers: These incur an additional NZD25 fee per transaction - to cover NZ landing fees.  Any shortfall in bank transfer payments will be charged to your credit card.

Non-payment or issues with credit cards:  Occasionally there may be an issue with a credit card.  Should this occur, a replacement credit card is required to be supplied via Staysouth’s direct and secure email link and monies due must be immediately paid. Failure to do so may result in immediate cancellation of the booking, with no refund given.


Incidental & Additional Charges:  All bookings require valid Lead Guest credit card details to be held on file in case of any incidentals, damage caused and/or failure of the guests to perform all obligations set out in Staysouth’s Terms & Conditions, and general policies herein or in its properties’ Compendium.  These charges may include but are not limited to: telephone charges, property servicing, concierge services, additional cleaning fees or removal of excessive rubbish, penalty fine for strong odours (cooking and or smoking) found in the property, excessive noise created or disruption caused to other surrounding residents, penalty fines for breaking any local laws, regulations & restrictions.  Any additional charges must be settled immediately. 

Standard Security Bond:  All bookings require a bond by way of a “Credit Card Pre-Authorisation” to cover any damage caused to the property. The Lead Guest will be advised of the cost upon booking (property specific and varies between NZD500 to NZD1500). Staysouth will place the bond pre-authorisation on The Lead Guest’s credit card on the day of check in.

Access will not be given to the property until the bond pre-authorisation is in place and the appropriate credit is held successfully. The amount held against your credit card’s available limit will be released back onto the card when an exit inspection has been completed to confirm that there are no missing items and that there is no excessive cleaning required, sorting of chattels etc. between properties (in cases of multi-apartment or villa rentals), excessive rubbish to be removed or any damage to the property.

Should the cost for any required reparations exceed the bond amount held, Staysouth reserves the right to immediately charge any card supplied/on file and relevant to the booking.  The Lead Guest authorises Staysouth after the post stay inspection; to debit their credit card with any associated costs required to make good the property and return it to the same condition it was in when guests checked in.

The pre-authorisation is not a charge or transaction against your card and does not incur any additional fees, however, should your card be charged for any damage etc. the standard 3% bank fee reimbursement charge for all credit card transactions applies.

The Security Bond will only be released after a full post-stay inspection is conducted to confirm there has been no damage to the property, no missing items and no excessive cleaning and/or rubbish removal is required.

Non-standard Security Bond:  On occasion Staysouth may require a higher than usual bond be held.  This may be due to a property being used as a venue for a function or event or for groups larger than the normal occupancy limits or film job.  This will be explained and notified at the time the relevant booking is made.


Prices and information are subject to availability and rates at the actual time of booking.  Overnight Rates are secured and agreed at the time a booking is confirmed and a deposit received. reserves the right to amend online advertised rates at any time. Any rate adjustments do not affect any confirmed bookings already in place.

Most Staysouth properties have a “base rate” valid for up to a certain number of guests, if your party comprises more than this number an additional per person per night cost applies.  The correct overnight rate paid to Staysouth is the Lead Guest’s responsibility.  Incorrect number of guests specified and paid for may result in penalty charges, immediate termination of stay or eviction with no refund of unused nights, or temporary denial of access to the property until alternative accommodation for the extra guests is booked and paid for and proof of such provided to Staysouth. 

All overnight accommodation rates and any additional prices, fines or fees listed in The Rental Agreement or in any email, phone or sms/text correspondence and/or on Staysouth’s websites are in New Zealand dollars (NZD) and, unless otherwise specified, will include a 15% Goods and Services Tax (GST).


It is the Lead Guest’s responsibility to ensure all Terms, Conditions, Rules & Policies specified in The Rental Agreement are complied with by your guests and invitees and you, the Lead Guest acknowledge that you, your guests and invitees:

  • Use the Property and any extra facilities included in your rental of the Property at your own risk;
  • Children are supervised by a parent, guardian or responsible adult at all times;
  • Are responsible for any call out charges arising through damage or misuse of alarms, appliances, electronics or excessive use of services;
  • Are responsible for any call out charges arising from complaints received from neighbours and/or other guests, the body corporate, police or governing bodies/representatives;
  • All personal items belonging to you, your guests or your invitees, any vehicles and vehicle contents belonging to or under your, your guests or invitee’s responsibility remain solely your responsibility;
  • Staysouth accepts no responsibility or liability for any damage to any property or for any injury, loss or damage that you, your guests or invitees may suffer during your stay.

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