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5 Things you Need for your Apartment Holiday in Queenstown


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We don’t mean the metal kind! Make sure you dash out to the local supermarket or dairy to pick up all the essentials like milk, bread and eggs. While there is plenty of dining options in and around Queenstown, it’s important to make sure you have all your bases covered, just in case you decide to eat in and it’s a little too late to visit a super market. 

This also makes it much easier to go away on a day trip, as you can pack snacks and meals in advance, as to save both money and travelling time. 

Hygiene Products 

Another set of products you’ll need to supply yourself with is bathroom and hygiene products. This includes everything from toothpaste and mouthwash to shampoo and conditioner. We recommend stopping off at the local super market and picking up a large two in one body and hair wash as to save what you can. 

IPod or device to play music 

This seems like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people forget to bring an iPod or device to play music off of. No holiday is complete without a good soundtrack, whether it’s to set the scene for a lazy afternoon or to get ready for a night out enjoying Queenstown nightlife. 

Extension cord 

While there will be plenty of charging points throughout your luxury apartment, although you should definitely bring an extension cord for safety. If you’re up the slopes and need to charge your phone, you can make a lot of friends by sharing! This is also perfect if you have a lot of camera gear and other electronics. 

Personal Medication 

This should seem obvious; however there are plenty of people who forget to pack personalised medication, expecting to be able to get it in town. While in some cases this is possible, it’s recommended that you bring your own medication, packed in separate clear bags so it’s easier for handling and travelling through customs. 

A Camera 

Very self-explanatory, but when you see Queenstown from your apartment, you’ll realise how cinematic Central Otago really is. Whether it’s a digital camera or expensive DSLR, there should be no trouble capturing the landscapes and beautiful scenes. Make sure to bring an extra storage card or laptop to transfer data. There’s nothing worse than running out of space mid adventure!

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