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Owner Testimonials

Excellent Returns

As a property owner, I have been incredibly impressed with the management services provided by Staysouth. Since they began managing my rental property, the team's professionalism, meticulous attention to detail, and creative approach have significantly enhanced the value and appeal of my property.

From the very beginning, the Staysouth team has been friendly, attentive, and caring. Their dedication to maintaining my property to the highest standards and their innovative strategies have consistently generated excellent returns from short-term rental visitors. Their proactive communication ensures that I am always informed about all aspects of the management process.

During particularly busy seasons, the team has handled last-minute bookings with remarkable efficiency. 

I am particularly grateful for their support during personal challenges, including sending flowers to my home. This level of care goes beyond professional duties and highlights their exceptional commitment to client satisfaction.

Overall, the peace of mind and added value provided by Andy, Sonya, and the entire Staysouth team have been invaluable. Their ability to seamlessly manage everything, even from afar, is a testament to their exceptional service. I highly recommend Staysouth to any Queenstown property owner seeking a trustworthy and full-service property management company.

Thank you, Staysouth, for your dedication and hard work. I look forward to another successful season with your continued support.



I Have Nothing But Praise

Hi Andy, 

Appreciate this owner's update and enjoyed reading about how you and the team have steered the ship through the changing conditions. I applaud your openness to decentralising the team and operations, and trusting a team that’s more remote. Businesses who choose to fight these trends I think will meet with increasing difficulty. I have nothing but praise for those I've worked with, I am happy with how things at 6B are going. My best to you, and the wider team for Easter. I'm in France for the year, but I am already looking forward to a return to QT for a few months early next year.



No Regrets Whatsoever

Hi Andy,

Thank you for your very expansive and thorough report. We have no regrets whatsoever in our decision to join the Staysouth team, which we feel we are a part of. Please convey our best wishes to Sonya, it was she and you who convinced us to join Staysouth.
Kind regards,

Barry and Trish.

Very Happy Clients

Staysouth managed our rental apartment Villa 7 in the Esplanade Queenstown complex from when we bought it in 2014 until we sold it in 2022. From the very beginning right through to after sale Staysouth were exemplary in all aspects. They were always friendly attentive and caring and generated excellent owner returns from the short term rental visitors. We worked closely with Staysouth to ensure the property was well maintained and as a result our villa was always presented to a very high standard. When we had some personal health challenges to deal with they even sent us flowers to our home address. We cant speak highly enough of our time with Staysouth and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a full service Queenstown Property Management company to manage your holiday accommodation.

 Very Happy Clients, Dunedin


Staysouth Property Management

We very happy to highly recommend Staysouth Property Management for any Queenstown property owner considering engaging their services. Staysouth has managed our Queenstown 5star rated apartment since 2014 when we purchased.

The high level quality and consistency of Staysouth property management services have provided us with peace of mind and added value for all Andy, Sonya and their competent helpful team have done for us and our property. 

There is nothing that has ever been a problem for them to fix or sort if needed.  They are exceptionally professional, proactive, super helpful and friendly. 

 We understand all challenges of property management owning a substantial property management business in Christchurch which helps us to appreciate how seamless Staysouth is managing everything for our Queenstown apartment. 

We wouldn’t hesitate employing Staysouth to manage additional Queenstown properties we may purchase in future. 

Bruce and Pamela Lindsay, New Zealand


Commonage Villas Management

I chose Staysouth to manage my apartment because Andy, Sonya and the team are specialists in dealing with luxury unit title complexes. I live in Kuala Lumper and the opportunity to come back once or twice a year is pretty rare and precious. I trust Andy, Sonya and Staysouth to take care of my property just as I would to oversee the final details, manage body corporate, refurbishments, repairs, maintenance, IT and so on and when I do come back, I can turn up instantly in my villa and feel at home.

Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran, Malaysia


Esplanade Apartment Management

Until recently I was the owner of a unit in Esplanade Apartments on Lake Esplanade, Queenstown. As I reside in another part of New Zealand I appointed Andy Salek and Sonya Archibald of “Esplanade Queenstown” as my Property Managers.

Without hesitation I am most happy to recommend them to any property owner in the area, as I have been nothing but absolutely happy with the professional manner in which they have looked after my property. They are always available to assist, their paperwork and administration is always top class and on time and they have always been willing to “go the extra mile” for me, even well after I had sold the property. They simply did a terrific job and I felt my investment was in very good hands.

The income returns on the property increased after I appointed Esplanade Queenstown and their management of creditor payments was extremely efficient.

I have used other Property Managers in the past and none have performed up to the high standard displayed By Andy and Sonya.

Thanks a million Andy and Sonya.

Yours sincerely

Grant Herbert


I have no hesitation in recommending their services

Ray White Queenstown have been involved with the marketing and sales process of the Kawarau Village Apartments since the owners, Kawarau Village Holdings Limited (KVHL), decided to bring them to the market in 2012. The product was sold under receivership conditions on an "as is where is" basis. The properties had never been lived in and had a number of faults which deterred from the sales process. Following an open market tender process, it was decided to appoint Staysouth to manage the unsold apartments for two primary reasons;

a) By preparing the apartments for the rental market they would discover and repair any faults

b) They would provide a revenue stream for the existing and future owners without being attached to a strict management agreement through the neighbouring hotel complex; which in turn would impinge on a borrower's ability to source funds.

Staysouth quickly and effectively improved the quality of the remaining apartments and provided up to date reporting and increasing revenue for the owners. From a sales process, they assisted with enhancing the offering to the general public and should the sales process have continued, I believe we would have continued to have a strong working relationship and we look forward to the opportunity of working closely with Staysouth again when the opportunity arises.

I have no hesitation in recommending their services

Cameron Reed
Wakatipu Realty Group Limited T/A Ray White Queenstown 


Villa 1

I was the owner of Villa 1, Esplanade Apartments on Lake Esplanade, Queenstown and discovered Staysouth while scouting around to find someone to manage mine and my friend's villa. Eventually I connected Andy up to some of the other owners and he has now under him a pool of villas. I must say, I was very happy with the management style of Andy and the Staysouth team of Esplanade Queenstown and would whole heartedly recommend Staysouth as property managers. He has managed my villa well and I must say that they do go the extra mile in helping out even beyond professional duties. I am happy to discuss this with anyone who wants to check. Thanks Andy and stay in touch.


Rajesh Wilson



We have owned since mid 2012 an investment property in the development by the name “Esplanade Queenstown”

We chose Staysouth to manage the property at the time of purchase, and we have been delighted with our decision, specifically;

  • The property is maintained at the highest level
  • Communication from Staysouth is both regular, precise, and informative
  • Staysouth team are always available to assist with queries
  • Guest feedback from the rental pool is fabulous
  • Owners returns are high as a result of quality management and guest satisfaction
  • Staysouth represent us at Body Corporate meetings without charge
  • We trust and value the relationship with Staysouth

It would be my pleasure to refer Staysouth without reservation 

Tim Biggs

CIO, Laguna Bay Pastoral Company Ltd - Management of LakeRidge Queenstown

We were the owners of Unit 1, LakeRidge Condos from 2006 until June 2016 and from May 2007 our unit was under management by Ltd (and its predecessor company Mariko Holdings Limited). We have known the Director of both companies, Andy Salek, since the beginning of the first management contract and we have also known Sonya Archibald as the General Manager of the respective management companies since 2009. The management of our property under Andy and Sonya (and now the Staysouth brand) was nothing short of excellent over the nine year period and we would like to highlight the following as key points of note in this respect:

• Staysouth did a fantastic job of maintaining our property to a very high standard and liaised very effectively with the Body Corporate to ensure that maintenance issues affecting the common parts of the LakeRidge development were equally effectively addressed - the 5-star Qualmark rating awarded to LakeRidge bears testament to this fact• Staysouth did a fantastic job of maintaining our property to a very high standard and liaised very effectively with the Body Corporate to ensure that maintenance issues affecting the common parts of the LakeRidge development were equally effectively addressed - the 5-star Qualmark rating awarded to LakeRidge bears testament to this fact• Communication from the management company was always regular and informative and kept us up to date on all aspects of the management of our property, including advice on how to optimise occupancy rates through their detailed understanding of the target market• The property was actively marketed throughout the year ensuring steady occupancy levels and a regular flow of rental income• Monthly reporting of letting and maintenance activity was always delivered on time and to a high standard and the payments of associated letting income into our account were always made on schedule

These points all reflect the management's professionalism and attention to detail for which we would have no hesitation in recommending them to other owners seeking a trustworthy property manager.

Yours faithfully,

David Goulding, Sally-Ann Goulding


Reference relating to quality of management service provided by StaySouth

I have owned Unit 2, Lakeridge Condos, 51 Thompson Street, Queenstown since late 2006. At that time the complex was managed by Breakfree. In April 2007, the Body Corporate agreed to appoint Mariko Holdings, later re-named StaySouth, to manage the property. From the beginning, the management service has been exceptional in all areas. The furnishings and exterior signage were quickly improved to the level required for the rental pool. Considerable effort went into attaining and maintaining the Qualmark Four Star certification and improving website visibility. There are ongoing efforts to optimise revenue by balancing direct bookings with those made through online wholesalers. Occupancy has been increasing year on year, especially through the shoulder seasons. The management are extremely personable and are always straightforward and detailed in reporting their ongoing efforts in this competitive market. Our own experience of staying there each year has always been totally satisfactory – everything works, everything you need is there, along with clear instructions on using the audio-visual equipment and wi-fi. Housekeeping clearly does a proper job to make sure each unit is ready for occupancy. Rental payment and accounting is always regular, easy to understand, and as mentioned, we are still seeing increasing occupancy. Any accounting queries have always been quickly addressed. On the maintenance side, StaySouth are extremely pro-active and have introduced a long-term maintenance plan. Both interiors and exteriors are maintained to an extremely high standard. There have been ongoing issues of leakage into my unit which would be difficult for me to resolve remotely but they have gone to some length to help resolve this, including liaising with the original contractor, and seeking third party advice. The attention to detail extends to the external environment of the units, including going to the effort of canvassing owners before adding a fence to a low boundary wall to minimise the disruption from one adjoining property. As an owner living in Malaysia it is reassuring to know that the management is in such safe hands; I can wholeheartedly recommend them. Please get in touch if you need to know more.

Yours sincerely

Robert Herries



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