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Why Apartments in Queenstown are Better than Hotel Rooms


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Hotels have to reduce the size of your hotel room to save space and maximise the potential to make profit. It’s nothing personal, it’s just good business and rightfully so. They end up seeing a lot of guest turn over, with new guests walking through the door daily, so the capacity is required. Serviced apartments however are based around providing a home away from home and aren’t subject to the same space limitations. 

When you first walk into your apartment, you’ll be surprised at how much space is available and the quality of our facilities. Our Apartments in Queenstown are at the cutting edge of serviced apartment accommodation and will provide you with the very best stay. 


This may surprise you, but the cost of renting an apartment is usually cheaper than the same period in a hotel room. Even though these units are much bigger and spacious than hotel rooms, apartments usually offer more than one bedroom, allowing for the cost to be split between you and your friends or family. This of course works out to be much cheaper than a hotel room. 


Unlike hotels, self-serviced apartments are superb at providing you with privacy, allowing you to truly relax while on holiday. In hotels, you have to take into consideration guests above, below and to either side of your room, which can really put a dampener on your holiday plans. Apartments on the other hand are entirely your domain from the start of your stay till the end, unless otherwise desired for cleaning etc. 

No Hidden Costs 

In self-serviced apartments, you don’t have to worry about being stung by unseen costs and fees. Everything is explained upfront, with our helpful staff explaining optionals and extras where they may apply. With free Wi-Fi and Sky TV provided in all apartments, you’ll be able to truly enjoy your stay without feeling the pressure to buy extras. 

Perfect for Groups 

Everybody loves a good road trip, but staying at a hotel can really put the brakes on a good group mood. Having your friends divide up often ends up being expensive and can really kill any rapport built from current adventures. By staying in an apartment, you can still enjoy your own privacy from one another, but share communal areas like the kitchen, living area and dining area. The shared living spaces work wonders when you’re trying to get everyone ready, eating together or if you’re wanting to play a game of some sort. By sharing an apartment you get to enjoy the best of both and at a much lower price, allowing you to spend more on exploring Queenstown and Central Otago.

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