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If you inadvertently activated the alarm; to deactivate it, enter your door code into the alarm panel located at the entrance to the garage, followed by the away button (NOTE: # is also the away/stay button on the alarm panel).

A call-out fee/emergency fee up to the value of NZ$1500 fine will be charged to you if the Fire Brigade is called to a false alarm.


Staysouth offers assistance to guests between 9 am and 6 pm 7 days. Our reservations team can be contacted over the phone on 03 442 4420 (extension #1). Alternatively, send us an email:

For emergencies after 6 pm dial +64 3 442 4420 and follow the voice prompts.


Please do not move the BBQ from its position at the back of the property.

Please notify Staysouth if the gas bottle needs refilling.

  • BBQ utensils and cleaning equipment are found in the kitchen;
  • Remove any cover and open the BBQ lid;
  • Make sure all the dials are turned to the OFF position;
  • Turn the gas bottle ON by turning the copper valve on top of the gas bottle to the left;
  • Push the control dial in and turn to HIGH to ignite;
  • If ignition does not occur within 5 seconds, turn dial to OFF, and

Please ensure that the BBQ is left clean and the gas bottle is turned OFF (by turning the copper valve on top of the gas bottle to the right, when you have finished using the BBQ). Make sure you secure the BBQ cover when you finish.

Please note: If excess cleaning of the BBQ is required, additional cleaning charges will be placed against your security bond. 


Check-out time is 10:00 a.m.

While we can make no guarantees, we occasionally have the availability to offer a late check-out (at an additional cost). If this is of interest, please reach out to us before your departure date. Alternatively, we can assist with luggage storage on-site until the early afternoon. Please reach out to our reservations department to assist with the arrangements. 

Cooking Hob

If cooking and creating a lot of smoke, please open all doors and windows immediately to prevent the alarm from going off. If the alarm does go off, the Fire Brigade will be dispatched as a suspected fire and the call-out fee/emergency fee up to the value of NZ$1,500 fine will be charged to you.

In this situation, please call 111 and advise the street address ‘13 Poole Lane’, your apartment number and let them know it’s not an emergency. The fire officer will come to your apartment to check if the situation is safe.


For each knob, the corresponding burner is indicated. The device is fitted with an electronic ignition. Simply press and simultaneously turn the knob counter-clockwise on the low point flame symbol, until the burner is ignited. Regarding models with valves, push the knob for approximately 2 seconds to keep the flame burning and activate the safety device. The burner might go off when the knob is released.

In this case, repeat the previous steps, keeping the knob pressed for more than 2 seconds.

If one of the elements is not working the most common cause of this is that the cast iron plate was not put back on the element correctly often after cleaning. Check they line up correctly and that the spark is not blocked by the cast iron plate. If you can still not get your hob working, please contact Staysouth for assistance.


All Staysouth apartments are furnished with top-quality chattels, therefore any damage to the property or chattels caused by guests will be charged to your account.

Should you find anything damaged or not working during your stay, please advise us immediately. Failure to do so will deem you to be responsible for the condition of the property upon your departure.


Load the dishwasher correctly, and be careful not to overload or stack dishes too high.

Push the on/off switch, select the desired cycle depending on the dirtiness of the dishes and insert the powder/table provided (located under the sink). DO NOT use the dishwashing liquid. 

If the wrong product is used or the dishes are stacked too high, the system may malfunction. Any costs associated with remedying technical issues associated with incorrect product use will be charged against the security bond. 

Door Phone

The intercom for your apartment is situated at the end of the kitchen bench, in the form of a white phone. This can be used to talk to people at your front door. To unlock, simply press the middle button and instruct guests to push the door.


Push power and then select the appropriate cycle depending on the dampness of your clothing. Before starting the cycle, please ensure the lint filter is empty.

If your dryer is located in the cupboard in the hallway, please ensure the light switch is left on as this turns the extractor fan on.

Electric Blankets

Use an electric blanket only to warm the bed. Switch it off before you get in, to avoid overheating. Overheating can be life-threatening, especially for the very young, ill, or elderly.

Putting clothes or other things on the bed while an electric blanket is switched on could cause the blanket to overheat and may start a fire.

Never leave an electric blanket unattended for long periods when it is switched on.


To contact the Fire Brigade, Police or Ambulance in an emergency, dial 111 from any phone in New Zealand.

Entry to Your Apartment

Keys are not required at 13 Poole Lane. There is a digital keypad next to the front door, the code will be sent to you via email and text message on check-in day once the security bond pre-authorisation is in place and the apartment is ready.

To unlock the door, enter your code and push the front door open (the door is self-locking). 

Extractor Fan / Rangehood

Please ensure the extractor fan is used at all times when the cooker/oven is in use. To turn the device on, the switches for varying degrees of fan strength and the light can be found on the underside of the unit. 

Fire / Fire Extinguisher

You will find a fire extinguisher under the kitchen sink, along with instructions on how to use it. Smoke alarms are installed in various positions throughout the apartment.

If a smoke alarm is beeping this is the flat battery warning. A spare battery can be found in the kitchen. If the problem persists, call Staysouth on +64 3 442 4420 extension: 1. 

In the event of a fire

Evacuate the building using the nearest exit. Make your way to the meeting point, which is located at the bottom of the driveway, in front of the “LakeRidge Queenstown” sign.

  • Ensure that all of your party is accounted for. The Fire Brigade will be automatically contacted and on their way.
  • Please stay at the meeting point until the Fire Brigade have arrived with further instructions.
  • Please note: Dial 111 if there is a fire outside the apartment, as this will not set off the smoke detectors.
  • Give them the address: 51 Thompson Street, Queenstown, and your apartment number.

First Aid

A basic first aid kit can be found in the kitchen. If serious, the Medical Centre is located at 9 Isle Street Queenstown (+64 3 441 0500).

In a medical emergency, dial 111. 

Garage / Parking

Your apartment has a private garage with internal access. Please do not park in front of your garage as it obstructs the driveway. If you have visitors with a vehicle, please ensure they park in the garage, or roadside. Similarly, if your vehicle is too large, please park roadside.

Garage door operation

The garage remote is found on the hook as you enter the garage. You'll also find a stationary button attached to the garage wall. Please ensure the remote is left on the hook when you leave (If lost, you will be required to pay $200 for a replacement remote control). 

Gas Fireplace

Pull out the grate located at the bottom of the fireplace, and make sure the gas is on (the yellow lever should be parallel with the gas pipe):

  • Push in the knob and turn anti-clockwise to ignite the pilot light, click until you see the pilot light appear. 
  • Slowly turn the dial to the left and release the knob which lights the flames, the more you turn the dial to the left the higher the flame. 
  • The switch to the left of the fireplace labelled “Fan” - blows the heat outward. Ensure the fireplace is turned off when you leave the apartment or go to bed, and always have a window open for safety and ventilation.


If the gas hob and/or fireplace are not working, the apartment may be out of gas. Please call Staysouth for assistance (03 442 4420, ext 1). 

Hot Water

If there is no hot water, it is likely the simple case that the hot water in the system is finite, and therefore all of it has been used. Numerous/long hot showers, baths, dishwasher and laundry cycles are likely the culprits, and the only solution is to allow enough time for the system to refill and re-heat (which will take between 2-4 hours).

Alternatively, there may be a power supply issue. If there is no power to the property, please contact Staysouth as a fuse may have tripped.

Lastly, is there no hot water in the entire property, or is the problem isolated? Is there hot water in the kitchen but not bathrooms or vice versa? If so, there may be a broken exchange and professional assistance is required (contact Staysouth +64 3 442 4420)

Internet Access

We offer FREE Unlimited WIFI. Your WIFI username and password can be found in your arrival letter, and is found on the menu stand on the kitchen bench. If you are having trouble connecting please unplug the D-Link router wait 5 minutes plug it back in and try to reconnect. If you have any further issues please contact Staysouth.

The Internet usage at this property is to be used for legal purposes only. Should any illegal downloads occur from this property, the guest in-house at that time will be held fully liable for their actions and any resultant fines that may be incurred.

Lift / Elevator

The lift stops on all 3 floors from the garage to the living room. The maximum number of guests is 2, OR 1 guest with 1 piece of luggage.

Lift emergency

In the event of an emergency, press and hold the emergency button in the elevator for 7-10 seconds. This will put you in contact with the support team.

  • Never overload the elevator;
  • Watch your step – the elevator car may not be perfectly level with the floor;
  • Children are not to play in the elevator and be supervised at all times;
  • Never use the elevator during a fire or earthquake – use the stairs to evacuate the building.

If the lift is impeded due to misuse or overloading, any emergency callout fees will be held against the lead guest's credit card.  


Please be respectful of other guests staying on Poole Lane. Please report any excessive noise affecting your stay directly to the Queenstown Council Noise Control at +64 3 441 0499 (available 24 hours). 

Please be aware that should Noise Control be activated or called due to excess noise from your apartment, all associated costs will be passed on to you and your card charged.

Occupancy Limitations

The apartments have specific occupancy limits and rules of conduct, and these are strictly enforced. The number of adults and children to occupy the apartment must be stated at the time of booking and must not exceed the allowed number of guests.

Property lines, privacy, and the quiet enjoyment of neighbours are to be respected at all times, with quiet hours observed between 9.00 p.m. and 7.00 a.m. each night.

Increased occupancy, vehicle traffic, excessive noise, or illegal activity, will result in a $1000 penalty fee, eviction, and the forfeiture of all prepaid rentals. This penalty fee will be charged either by way of your security bond or, to the credit card used to pay for the accommodation.


Your oven will not work unless the clock is set. If there has been a power cut and the clock is flashing, you will need to reset the clock for the oven to work. To reset

Please ensure that all switches on the stove are turned “off” when not in use.

Parties & Events

The use of the property for a function or party is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Use of the property for purposes other than a residential dwelling will result in eviction from the property, termination of the booking, forfeiture of all prepaid rentals and a penalty of $5,000 (incl. GST), deducted from the credit card provided upon booking or through legal proceedings.


Your apartment has a landline phone. Your apartment phone number is +64 3 442 8851. Local calls are free of charge, and mobile phone and international calls are blocked.

Power Cut

If you experience a power cut during your stay due to work in the area or a storm, the power is generally not off for long. A torch, matches and candles are located in the kitchen. For information on local and scheduled power outages, check the Aurora website. 

Rubbish / Recycling

We encourage guests to recycle. In the interests of the environment, we ask you to dispose of glass bottles, cardboard and recyclable plastics (marked 1, 2 and 5) separately in the bins located in the outdoor cupboard on your left as you exit the front door.

  • The Blue bin is for clean glass only.
  • The Dark Green Waste bin is for all rubbish/landfill.
  • The Yellow bin is for other mixed recycling (cardboard, plastic (1, 2 & 5) paper, tin, etc).

Please note: All recycling has to be clean, so please ensure you rinse everything before you dispose of it in the appropriate bins. 


Sale of Apartment / Real Estate

From time to time there is an opportunity to purchase an apartment at one of the Staysouth-managed properties, please contact Management if you would like further information.

Security Bond

Staysouth manages the apartments on behalf of individual owners and does everything possible to ensure their upkeep is maintained at the highest levels. Accidents do happen, and the security bond protects the owner from costs associated with any damage incurred or additional cleaning that needs to be completed during a stay.

The amount held against your credit card’s available limit will be released back onto the card when an exit inspection has been completed. The exit inspection is to confirm that there are no missing items, that there is no excessive cleaning required, that there is no excessive sorting of chattels etc. between properties, excessive rubbish to be removed or any damage to the property.

Servicing your Apartment

Staysouth properties are self-catered and self-contained unless staying for eight or more nights. Servicing during your stay is not included in the overnight rate. Staysouth is happy to provide additional servicing upon prior arrangement, additional costs apply and depend on guests’ requirements - please enquire well in advance as staff availability cannot be guaranteed.

Ski Drying Facilities

Located in the garage in the far corner are ski drying racks and storage for wet ski boots gloves etc. Plug in the heater and turn it on, ensuring nothing is resting against the heater. Please make sure the heater is turned off when not in use.


Smoking inside is strictly not permitted at the apartment.

Please abide by our NO SMOKING policy at all times. All Staysouth Properties are strictly NO SMOKING.

If tobacco odour is noted on check out; Staysouth reserves the right to charge a penalty fee plus any additional cleaning and fumigation costs. All costs and fees will be charged to the credit card held on file.

Spa Bath / Sink Plugs

The sink plugs are operated by either a push plug or a standard plug. To operate the push plugs, push once to close, and once again to open it. The laundry sink has a standard plug.

The spa bath plug is fitted with a standard plug. Ensure the water level is above the spa jets before activating the device (the power switch is located on the light switch).

Sports Equipment Storage

Please do not bring any sporting equipment (skis, snowboards, bikes or golf clubs) into the apartment; they must be left in your car or the garage. Do not walk on the carpet with wet or muddy, cycling shoes or ski/snowboard boots. They are not to be worn inside under any circumstances.


Air conditioner

Your apartment is fitted with an air-conditioning/heat-pump unit in the 3rd-floor lounge. The system offers multiple functions, including cool air for the summertime, and warmer heated air in the colder months. Use the mode function to cycle through the modes, and the increase and decrease arrows to adjust the temperature. 

In the winter, the optimal temperature while being left on for extended periods is 21 degrees (Celsius). 


The Smart television in the lounge is equipped with Sky TV as well as numerous smart applications such as Netflix, YouTube and Spotify. If you intend on using any of the smart apps, please ensure your login details are used and that you remember to log out upon leaving the property. 

If you are struggling to change channels on Sky, please ensure the wooden doors below the TV cabinet are open (the signal can sometimes be blocked by the cabinet doors). 

Television support

We ensure the lounge television is ON and set for your arrival.

Please do not remove the Television from the walls or mounts. If it is found you have tampered with the television, the technician repair and call-out fee will be charged to you.

If you are experiencing difficulties, please contact the reservations team at +64 3 442 4420 Ext:1 for assistance.

Tradesmen and Service Technicians

If at any stage your apartment needs to be accessed by a serviceman or a tradesman Staysouth Management reserves the right to allow access to your apartment. We will make every effort to contact you in advance should this be required.

Please Note: Should a tradesman or technician be required to repair damage incurred by a guest, all associated costs will be the responsibility of that guest.

Use of Outdoor Areas

As LakeRidge Queenstown is zoned residential, one of the regulations in the resource consent bylaw stipulates the following:

  • The outdoor areas shall not be used between the hours of 10.00 p.m. to 7.00 a.m. except arriving or departing the premises.
  • Guests may not use the outdoor areas for congregating, talking/conversing or socialising between 10.00 p.m. and 7.00 a.m.

Failure to adhere to the rules outlined above will result in a $150 fine.


If you have visitors with their vehicles please ensure they park in your garage, or on the roadside.

Please Note: Parking in front of the garage or apartment door is prohibited.

Washing Machine

Make sure the power is turned on at the wall. Put in laundry powder, press power, select stain level, select type of washing, select water temperature and then press start. The type of washing is based on the contents, linen, delicates, wool etc.

Waste Disposal

When using the waste disposal, ensure the cold tap is running. The system is to be used for residual food scraps from nearly clean plates. Banana skins, bones and sizeable food scraps should be put in the bin. 

Take care when using and keep children out of reach.

Winter Temperatures / Heating

Your apartment should be nice and warm when you arrive, please ensure you do not adjust the under-floor heating dial in the switch box located in the hallway above 25°C.

The beds are fitted with electric blankets, and there are individual heaters located in each of the wardrobes.

The bathrooms have underfloor heating, heated towel rails and a wall-mounted fan heater.

Please ensure that no items are placed on or near any of the heaters and that the gas fire is turned off while sleeping, and while the apartment is unattended.