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Inhouse guests needing assistance, call Staysouth on +64 3 442 4420 and follow the voice prompts or email us at:


The BBQ is for guest use and it is on mains gas supply.

  • BBQ utensils and cleaning equipment are found in the kitchen
  • Remove the cover and stainless steel lid
  • To ignite hold down the left-hand knob and twist it anti-clockwise to hear the click
  • Make sure you turn off all dials when finished and replace the cover
  • If ignition does not occur within 5 seconds, turn the dial to OFF, and repeat. 

Please note: If excess cleaning of the BBQ is required, $65 will be deducted from the card supplied for your booking or your bond.

Check Out

Check-out time is 10.00 am. Full information on our “Leaving Procedure” can be found further in this compendium.

Should you not be able to leave at this time or wish to extend your stay beyond 10.00 am this may be possible. Please contact us 24 hours before departure if you wish to request a later checkout. A late check-out must be arranged in advance and is on an availability basis only (fees apply).  


Staysouth employs its housekeeping team to clean the apartment upon your departure. A specific time is allocated for this. If the apartment is left in an excessively dirty condition, and extra time is required by our housekeepers; your card held on file will be charged at $50+GST per hour. Fees may also be charged if cleaners are required to dispose of surplus or excessive rubbish.

Before departure, you are expected to:

  • Wash, dry and put away all/any dishes used
  • Leave the apartment in a generally tidy condition
  • Dispose of all rubbish (see rubbish section of the compendium)
  • Return any furniture to its original position, if moved

Before departure, you are NOT expected to:

  • Mop or vacuum floors
  • Remove/strip or wash bedlinen or towels (these are professionally laundered off-site to specific hygiene rules)
  • Clean the bathrooms

Coffee Machine

There is a manual to operate the coffee machine found in the kitchen cupboard above the machine itself.

Cooking Hob/Stove

If cooking and creating a lot of smoke, please use the extractor fan above the stove and open all doors and windows immediately to prevent activating the smoke/fire alarm siren. If the fire alarm does go off the Fire Brigade will be dispatched as a suspected fire and any call-out fee/emergency fee will be passed on to you, the guest (this can be up to a value of NZ$1500).

Should the fire alarm be accidentally activated, and you do not manage to silence it, phone 111, select “FIRE” and notify the operator of the situation, provide the street address as ’53 Shotover Street, Queenstown’ and your apartment number 302 and advise it is NOT an emergency. A fire officer may still be dispatched and may still come to your apartment to check the situation is safe.

Gas Hob/Stove

Each knob’s corresponding burner is indicated. The device is fitted with an electronic ignition. Simply press and simultaneously turn the knob counter-clockwise on the low point flame symbol, until the burner is ignited.  The burner might go off when the knob is released. In this case, repeat the aforesaid operation keeping the knob pressed for more than 8-10 seconds.

If one of the elements is not working

The most common cause of this is that the small round “gas disperser plate” was not put back on the element correctly. Check each plate lines up correctly and the spark is not blocked. If you can still not get your hob working, please contact Staysouth for assistance.

Cooling / Heating:

Your apartment is fitted with air conditioning/heat exchange units in the living area as well as in the bedroom/s.

Basic operating instructions:

  • Press On/Off to start the operation.
  • Press ‘Mode’ to select the operation mode. Each press changes mode in the following order:
  • AUTO Mode (auto changeover): The unit selects the operation mode according to the difference between the room temperature and the set temperature. During AUTO mode, the unit changes mode (COOL-HEAT) when the temperature is 2°C away from the set temperature for more than 15 minutes.
  • COOL Mode: Enjoy cool air at your desired temperature.
  • DRY Mode: Dehumidify your room. The room may be cooled slightly. Temperature cannot be set during DRY mode.
  • FAN Mode: Circulate the air in your room.
  • Press + or - to set the temperature. Each press raises or lowers the temperature by 1°C.

Any issues please call Staysouth on +64 3 442 4420 Option 1.


The property is furnished with quality, therefore any damage to the property, furnishings, fittings, or chattels caused by guests will be charged to your account. Should you find anything damaged or not working during your stay, please advise us immediately. Failure to do so will deem you to be responsible for the condition of the property on departure.

Dishwashing Machine

Load the machine with dishwashing powder into the dispenser, do NOT use handwashing liquid detergent. Be careful not to overload or stack dishes too “high”. Push the on/off switch on the left of the machine to turn the power on - the red light will come on, select the mode on the programme dial to the type of wash required, then press and hold the start button for a few seconds, it will beep and start. You can also lock and unlock the buttons by holding the padlock button down.

Suitable dishwashing machine powder/tablets are provided. DO NOT USE the dishwashing liquid – if the incorrect product has been used and an error is caused, a technician will be required to drain and reset the machine and the cost to repair will be charged to your account.


  • Select the programme you desire using the Programme Selector;
  • Select additional functions such as reduced ironing if necessary;
  • Press Start/Stop

It is recommended to empty the lint filter after each cycle to ensure the next cycle runs at its best.

The front loader also has a water container with accumulated condensation – it is important you empty this after each cycle. The water container is located at the top left side of the machine: remove the container, keep it level, pour out the water and then push the container back in until it engages.

Electric Blankets

Use an electric blanket only to warm the bed. Switch it off before you get in, to avoid overheating. Overheating can be life-threatening, especially for the very young,  ill, or elderly.

Putting clothes or other things on the bed while an electric blanket is switched on could cause the blanket to overheat and may start a fire. Never leave an electric blanket unattended for long periods when it is switched on.


For Fire Brigade, Police or Ambulance dial 111 from any phone in New Zealand and select the relevant option.

Entry / Key to Your Apartment

The lock box with a front door key to your apartment is located to the side of and fixed to the front door. Turn the number barrels to display your 4-digit pin, squeeze the two side buttons to unlock and open the lockbox and retrieve the key. The 4-digit code will have been emailed and SMS’d to you on the day of check-in.

Should you forget your code and/or lose the key and are unable to gain access to your apartment, please contact Staysouth Reservations, charges may apply if a call-out is required. Note: If the key is lost a replacement fee will apply.

Pedestrian entry from Shotover Street – street-level entry

Walk along Shotover Street to number 53. Access into the building is between the Tattoo Parlor on your left and the ramp leading to the underground car park on your right. You will see double doors leading into a corridor. Follow the corridor a short distance to the elevator and take the lift to level three.

Please note: This street entrance door is locked between 8.00 pm & 7.00 am daily.

The access code is 1971E

In the unlikely event that the lift is out of order, you need to reach the apartment from the garage by using the stairs. Access to the stairs is through a door to the left of the lift/elevator. For security reasons, the street-level door to the stairs is unidirectional and can only be used to exit the building on this level.

Fire / Fire Extinguisher

You will find a fire extinguisher under the kitchen sink, along with instructions on how to use it. Smoke alarms are installed in various positions throughout the apartment. If a smoke alarm is beeping this is the flat battery warning, please call Staysouth at +64 3 442 4420 extension: 1.

The fire alarms are connected to the mains system, and if triggered the local fire brigade will be alerted and come to the property. If this is a false alarm due to “burnt toast” you will be charged. We recommend if you accidentally burn something, open all the balcony doors and windows to prevent this from happening.

In the event of a fire - DO NOT USE THE LIFT

Evacuate the building using the nearest exit. Make your way to the meeting point, which is located on Shotover Street. Ensure that all in your party is accounted for. The Fire Brigade will be automatically dispatched.

Please stay at the meeting point until the Fire Brigade have arrived with further instructions.

Please note: Dial 111 if there is a fire outside the apartment, as this will not set off

the smoke detectors. Give the operator the following address: 53 Shotover Street, Queenstown and apartment number - 501.

First Aid

A basic first aid kit can be found in the kitchen above the microwave.

The closest Medical Centre is located at 9 Isle Street Queenstown. The telephone number is +64 3 441 0500.

The closest hospital is located at 20 Douglas Street, Frankton. The telephone number is +64 3 441 0015.

In an EMERGENCY DIAL 111 from any phone in New Zealand for Fire/ Police/ Ambulance.

Garage / Parking

Your apartment has a single private garage located in the underground car park labelled “Number 10 APT 501”. Access instructions were emailed to you along with your arrival letter.

Please be considerate when parking in the garage, space is tight and do not park in another parking space as you may be clamped. Any additional vehicles are to park on the road or in the public Mann Street Parking building (charges apply).

Please note: On your departure day; please ensure your allocated garage car park is free/empty from 10 am as the cleaning team requires it.

Gas Fireplace

Use the middle button (on/off) of the Escea remote control and wait at least a minute for the fire to light. 

  • In time, this will light the pilot light and all the flames continue to ignite thereafter
  • Use + / - for heat control
  • The flame icon (effect only) sets the flames visible
  • The power switch, labelled fire, is located to the right of the fireplace
  • Pressing the on/off button too many times will turn the fire on and off
  • Please note that the system takes roughly 30 seconds to die down after turning off

DO NOT leave the fire on whilst sleeping or when you leave the apartment, and always have a window open for safety and ventilation.

Please note: If the remote does not display anything on the LCD screen the batteries may be flat. Extra batteries can be found in the kitchen. The main power switch can be found to the right of the fire itself, down low. This needs to be switched on for the fire to operate.

Hot Water

This property has an indoor electric hot water cylinder. Please note: the quantity of hot water is limited to the capacity of the tank.

No hot water:

Firstly, how many hot showers, baths, washes, loads of laundry or dishes have you taken/done - you may simply have used all the HOT water in the cylinder. It will take between 2-4 hours to refill and heat up. If you are still without hot water after 4 hours, contact Staysouth as a plumber or electrician may be required.

Secondly, is there electricity to the apartment and/or the building? If there is no electricity at all contact Staysouth as a fuse may have tripped – an electrician or plumber may be required.

Thirdly, is the lack of hot water limited to one tap or is it throughout the apartment? I.e. Is there hot water in the kitchen but not bathrooms or vice versa? If so; there may be a broken exchange – contact Staysouth - a plumber is required.

If none of the above applies, call Staysouth for assistance.

Internet Access

We offer free and unlimited Wi-Fi in all apartments. Your username and password can be found in your arrival letter, and on the menu stand in your apartment.

For WIFI and internet connection support please call HEADQUARTERS on +64 3 441 2779 OR 0800HQWIFI (0800 479 434), and follow the voice prompts.

Internet usage is to be used for legal purposes only. Should any illegal downloads occur from this property, the lead guest in-house at that time will be held fully liable.

Lift / Elevator

The lift in the building has a maximum capacity of 12 people with a combined weight of 900kg.

Emergency whilst in the lift/elevator: Press and hold the emergency button in the lift for 7-10 seconds. This will put you in verbal contact with the lift support team.

  • Never overload the lift
  • Watch your step – the lift car may not always be perfectly level with the floor
  • Children are not to play in the lift and are to be supervised at all times
  • Never use the lift during a fire or earthquake or at any time an evacuation is needed – use the stairs instead

In the unlikely event the lift is out of order you will need to use the stairs.

To descend - the stairs are located to the left of the lift on the third-floor landing, descend to your required floor (street level or basement garage).

To ascend - the stairs are only accessible from the basement garage via a door located to the left of the lift/elevator.

Please note: For security reasons, the street-level door to the stairs is unidirectional and can only be used to exit the building – it will be locked if trying to access FROM the street-level foyer. You must descend to the garage and then access the stairs from that level.

Lost Property

Please check the apartment thoroughly before leaving. Staysouth will not be responsible for any lost property, money, articles or valuables left behind. Company policy is to return any items to Staysouth head office where, if deemed to be valuable, efforts will be made to contact you to request instruction. Items are generally held for a month and if no instruction is received, the items will either be binned or donated to a local charity.

Multi-Apartment Use

If you have booked multiple units within the complex; it is important to note that as each unit is privately and individually owned, the items in each apartment belong to that apartment and that apartment’s owner and not to the “building complex”. If any items do go from one apartment to another they must be returned to the original apartment, before your departure. Should a sort and replacement exercise be required by our staff, you will be charged NZ$50 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours charged and deducted from your bond.


Please be respectful of other guests staying within the complex. Please report any excessive noise, affecting your stay directly to the Queenstown Council Noise Control on +64 3 441 0499.

Please be aware that should Noise Control be activated or called due to excess noise from your apartment; all associated costs will be passed on to you and your card charged.

Limited Occupancy / Guest Numbers

Staysouth properties have specific occupancy limits and rules of conduct, and these are strictly enforced. The number of adults and children to occupy the apartment must be stated at the time of booking or before check-in and must not exceed the allowed number of guests.

Property boundaries, privacy, and the quiet enjoyment of residents and neighbours are to be respected at all times, with quiet hours observed between 9.00 pm and 7.00 am each night.

Unauthorised extra guests, vehicle traffic, excessive noise, or illegal activity, may result in a $1000 penalty fee, eviction, and/or the forfeiture of all prepaid rentals. This penalty fee is to be charged either by way of your security bond or to the credit card used to pay for the accommodation.


Your oven will not work unless the clock is set. If there has been a power cut and the clock is flashing, you will need to reset the clock for the oven to work.

To Reset the Clock:

There are 6 buttons along the top of the panel: (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6) - Hold down 3 & 4  simultaneously, then push 6, this will enable you to reset the clock and stop the digits from flashing.

Quick Oven Guide:

  1. Bake - upper outer and lower elements
  2. Fan bake - fan plus upper outer and lower elements
  3. Fan forced - fan and rear element
  4. Grill - upper inner element
  5. Max grill - upper inner and outer elements
  6. Fan grill - fan plus upper inner and outer elements
  7. Pastry bake - fan plus lower element

Please ensure: All switches on the stove are turned “off” when not in use.

Parties & Events

The use of the property for a function, a party, or any other gathering is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Use of the property for purposes other than a residential dwelling will result in eviction from the property, termination of the booking, forfeiture of all prepaid rentals and a penalty of $5,000 deducted from the credit card provided upon booking or through legal proceedings.

Power Outage

You may experience a power cut during your stay due to work in the area or a storm. The power is generally not off for long. A torch, matches and candles are located in the kitchen in case of such an event. Staysouth will notify you should we be advised of any planned outages.

Rubbish & Recycling

There are additional rubbish bags under the kitchen sink. Please leave these tied up and ready for collection in the kitchen area adjacent to the oven or on the balcony for the cleaners to collect after you depart. If you need rubbish disposed of during your stay please contact reservations to arrange collection.

Staysouth encourages RECYCLING. In the interests of our environment; we ask you to dispose of CLEAN glass bottles in the rectangular bin in the laundry; CLEAN cardboard and recyclable plastics (1, 2 & 5 ONLY) in the black bin in the laundry.

     ONLY these plastics can be recycled.

Please note: All recycling must be CLEAN - so ensure you rinse everything before disposal. If you are unsure of whether something is recyclable in Queenstown do not recycle, dispose of it in the general waste pedal bin.

Sale of Apartment / Real Estate

From time to time there is an opportunity to purchase an apartment at one of the Staysouth-managed properties, please contact Staysouth if you would like further information.

Security Bond

Staysouth manages the apartments on behalf of individual owners and does everything possible to ensure their upkeep is maintained to the highest level. The security bond Staysouth holds ensures the owner is protected from costs associated with any guest-caused damage or any additional cleaning required post-guest departure. 

The amount held against your credit card’s available limit will be released back onto the card when an exit inspection has been completed. The inspection is to confirm that there are no missing items; that there is no damage to the property; that no excessive cleaning, sorting of chattels etc. between apartments (in cases of multi-apartment or villa rentals) or excessive rubbish removal is required. Once all is found to be in order, the hold on your card will be released back to the account.

Servicing your Apartment

Staysouth properties are self-catered and self-contained unless staying for 8 or more nights servicing during your stay is not included in the overnight rate. Staysouth is happy to provide additional servicing upon prior arrangement, additional costs apply and depend on guests’ requirements - please enquire well in advance as staff availability cannot be guaranteed. Contact Staysouth for further information and prices.


All Staysouth Properties are strictly NO SMOKING and smoking is not permitted in the apartment.

If tobacco odour is noted on check out; Staysouth reserves the right to charge a

penalty fee plus any additional cleaning or odour-neutralising costs will be charged to the credit card held on file.

Ski Drying Facilities

Located in the foyer entrance of your apartment is the ski storage/drying room. For clothing, there is a small heater in the cupboard which you can switch on to dry your wet ski clothing. Ensure nothing is resting against the heater. And it is turned off when not in use.

Spa Bath / Sink Plugs

The basin sinks have a “push plug” - push once to close/seal and once again to open/release.

The spa bath has a standard plug. Fill the bath so that the water is above the level of the jets; then push the button on the top of the bath once to activate the jets. If there seems to be no power to the spa, check the power has been turned on - the main power switch is above the heated towel rail.

SPA Pool - upstairs balcony

Please use responsibly and ensure noise is kept to a minimum after hours. Furthermore, please ensure children under the age of 18 are accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. 

NO GLASS – please use the plastic glassware that is supplied. Please make sure you recover the spa and secure the lid when exiting the spa, do not leave it open.

Please note: If excess cleaning of the spa pool is required due to soiling/and or damage; the repair fee will be deducted from the card supplied for your booking.

Sports Equipment Storage

Please do not bring any sporting equipment (skis, snowboards, bikes or golf clubs) into the apartment; they must be left in your car or the garage. Do not walk on the carpet with wet or muddy, cycling shoes or ski/snowboard boots. They are not to be worn inside under any circumstances.

Summer Temperatures / Cooling

During the summer months in Queenstown, we can experience anything from mid to high 20°C to the very exceptional day being over 30°C. It can then drop to as low as 5°C with snow on the mountain tops. Due to the nature of our climate, the properties are not equipped with air-conditioning units, as we spend most of the year warming the apartments up - not cooling them down.

Your apartment is fitted with air conditioning/heat exchange units in the living area as well as in the bedroom/s (basic operating instructions listed above).  

If the apartment is too hot and you prefer not to use air-conditioning; we suggest you open windows and allow wind flow where possible. Keep in mind if you open the balcony doors and windows at night and have all the lights on, this will attract insects.

During the day, you may want to pull the blinds to keep the sun out and turn off any under-tile heating, heated towel rails and unnecessary lighting. 

Supplies & Consumables

You will note that initial stocks of some consumables have been provided for your convenience, however, these will not be replenished during your stay.


Your apartment is equipped with a smart TV in the lounge and the bedrooms. The TV in the lounge is operated by a ProControl universal remote and has Sky TV and a DVD player.

The bedroom TV remotes are kept in the bedside table drawers. Please note: Always place the pro-control universal remote back on the docking station when not using the TV to recharge the battery.

How to connect to Netflix

All smart TVs can connect to the ‘smart hub’ where Netflix is located. Just push the ‘smart hub’ button on the remote and you will be able to scroll through the TV’s apps on the menu. Netflix, YouTube and a few other Samsung apps are available.


How to use the DVD player

Using the ProControl universal remote controller, simply press “on” and there will be a ‘DVD’ button on the main screen to change over to that feature.

Television support

We ensure the lounge television is ON and set for your arrival. Please do not remove the Television from the walls or mounts. If it is found you have tampered with the television, the technician repair and call-out fee will be charged to you.

If you are experiencing difficulties, please contact us at +64 3 442 4420.

Tradesmen and Service Technicians

If at any stage your apartment needs to be accessed by a serviceman or a tradesman; Management reserves the right to allow access to your apartment. We will make every effort to contact you in advance should this be required.

Please Note: Should a tradesman or technician be required to repair damage incurred by a guest; all associated costs will be the responsibility of that guest.

Use of Outdoor Areas

As 501 apartment is zoned residential, one of the regulations in the resource consent bylaw stipulates the following:

  • The outdoor areas shall not be used between the hours of 9:00 pm to 7.00 am except arriving or departing the premises;
  • Guests may not use the outdoor areas for congregating, talking/conversing or socialising between 9:00 pm and 7.00 am.

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in a $150 fine.

Vacuum Cleaner

There is a vacuum cleaner in the cupboard near the front door. You are not expected to vacuum the apartment on departure, but it is supplied for your use in case required while in-house. Only suitable for dry vacuuming, please do not use it for wet substances.


If you have visitors with their vehicles; please ensure they park either in your allocated parking space or in the Mann Street Public Car Park or on the road. Unfortunately, this building does not have designated Visitor Parking.

Washing Machine

Make sure the power is turned on at the wall. Put in laundry powder, press power, select stain level, select type of washing, select water temperature and then press start. The type of washing is based on the contents, linen, delicates, wool etc.

Waste Disposal

When using the waste disposal ensure the cold tap is running. The switch is at the fridge end of the bench.

Do not put banana skins, onion skins or bones down the unit or anything metal. Take care when using and keep children out of reach.

Winter Temperatures / Heating

Your apartment should be warm when you arrive. Please do not adjust the under-floor heating above 25°C as this can trip a fuse. The bathrooms have heated towel rails and under-tile heating as well as a wall-mounted fan heater.

During the winter months, you may wish to pull the bedroom curtains to keep the heat in and the apartment warm. Please ensure: For safety reasons, no items are to be placed on or near any heater as overheating could cause a fire.

Basic operating instructions for the air-conditioning/heat-pump units are listed above.