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Any Staysouth representative may enter the property at any time. We will make every effort to advise you (via email and/or phone), with as much notice as possible, of any planned visit.

Should a contractor, serviceman or technician be required to access your property to make repairs, read meters or conduct urgent maintenance and/or Health and Safety checks while you are in residence; you must allow such persons i.e. Staysouth, Body Corporate or local government contractors access.  Staysouth will make every effort to advise you (via email and/or phone), with as much notice as possible, of any such planned visit/s.


Lead Guest, their guests, fellow occupants and invitees agree to comply with all Terms and Conditions, Guest Rules, Local Government Rules, Body Corporate Rules, House Policies and any Property Owner or Staysouth specific rules applicable to the Property.

You undertake and agree to look after the Property and ensure it and its furniture, fixtures and fittings are not damaged and should they be damaged whether it be accidental, wilful, malicious, illegal or in any other way, you will be liable to return or replace the item/s damaged.


You must:

  • Comply with all instructions and procedures as listed in the Property’s Compendium and/or any manuals whether they be in print and provided in the Property or provided electronically;
  • Keep the Property clean, in a liveable condition and in good repair (reasonable wear and tear notwithstanding). This includes but is not limited to – windows and doors, the interior as well as any balconies, courtyards or entrances, all curtains, carpets, furniture, fixtures and fittings of the Property;
  • Not engage any cleaning or servicing company other than Staysouth;
  • Immediately report by phone or email any damage to or defect of the Property including the failure of any mechanical or electrical appliances or flooding in the Property. Damages and breakages will be charged at the cost to repair or replace plus a minimum callout and/or admin fee of NZD75+GST;
  • Apply for approval in writing for any functions or events to be held at the Property. Staysouth to grant or deny such approval in writing along with any applicable special rules, costs and policies;
  • Pay for all telephone calls made from the Property’s phone during your stay, other than those made to any Staysouth landline or mobile phones;
  • Use only contractors/service providers/operators who are familiar with the Property, are aware of all consents, covenants, access, rules and regulations pertaining to the Property and approved by Staysouth.
  • Use the internet for legal purposes only. All Staysouth properties offer free Wi-Fi, you will be liable for any costs associated with illegal downloads made by you, your guests or invitees using the Property’s internet – including any legal costs, fines or other expenses;
  • Not use any illegal substances or conduct illegal activities at the Property;
  • Keep all baths, sinks, toilets, drains, gutters, pipes and chimneys free of blockages/obstructions;
  • Keep windows and mirrors clean – you will be liable for any breakages or costs associated with additional cleaning or repair of windows etc.;
  • Agree to pay Staysouth to arrange and/or to repair and carry out any remedial work required should you damage the Property, any furniture, fittings, installations or fixtures, garages, driveways and any common areas associated with the Property caused by you, your guests or invitees;
  • Allow Staysouth or any representative or contractor of Staysouth access to the Property, within reasonable hours during the day, to carry out repairs and maintenance work required at the Property. In the case of emergency or if deemed to be unsafe, you must allow access immediately and at any time;
  • Ensure, when the property is unattended, all doors are locked, windows latched, and the Property is secure. If the Property has a door key, ensure this is always left in the lockbox provided when you leave the Property. Should you lose a key, the minimum non-negotiable replacement fee is NZD150+GST – this will be automatically deducted from the security bond held;
  • Ensure, when the Property is unattended all electrical appliances and lights, heaters and gas fires are turned off;
  • Abide by our NO SMOKING policy at all times and agree to pay any applicable fines as well as any costs associated to get rid of smoking odours, burns or stains found at the Property. All Staysouth Properties are strictly NO SMOKING;
  • Advise Staysouth immediately should any smoke alarm start beeping. Do not tamper with any alarm until you have called Staysouth Reservations/Admin Office;
  • Abide by our NO PARTIES policy, be courteous to and mindful of neighbours and adopt a no nuisance policy and at all times. Should you be found to be having a party, being excessively noisy, or causing a nuisance or annoyance to Staysouth, other guests or any neighbours; you agree to pay any applicable fines (whether issued by Police, Council or Staysouth), callout and/or Noise Control costs plus any other costs associated with your behaviour or to make good the Property.  If you, your guests or your invitees behave in a manner that invokes complaints from neighbours; Staysouth, at its sole discretion, may evict you, your guests and your invitees and deny further access to the Property.  Any remaining nights booked will be cancelled and all accommodation costs already paid forfeited. In the event any stereo or electronic equipment belonging to the Property is seized from the Property, the Lead Guest must ensure it is promptly recovered and returned to the Property solely at their own cost;
  • Not remove, at any time, any part of the Property, its furniture, fittings, or chattels from the Property. Should you lose any item from the Property you agree to pay to replace it;
  • Abide by the Property’s PET policy. Failure to do so may cause eviction and you agree to pay for any costs associated with cleaning up and removing pet hair from the Property;
  • If under 25 years of age; be accompanied by a parent or guardian;
  • Not conduct a business at the Property or use it for any improper, immoral or illegal purpose;
  • Adopt the Property’s “quiet” policy between the hours of 9pm and 7am each night;
  • Dispose of any rubbish and/or recycling in the appropriate bin/s at the Property. Do not allow rubbish to collect within the Property;
  • Return all furniture to its original position, at the time of check-in before departing the Property;
  • Not assign, sublet, part with or share possession or occupation of the Property with anyone not included in your group’s booking at the Property;
  • Not alter or install any locks and/or window fittings, nor reproduce any keys for any Property locks;
  • Not perform or allow any of your guests or invitees to perform any action which may invalidate or adversely affect any insurance policy held by either Staysouth or the Property Owner in respect of the Property. You agree to indemnify Staysouth against any losses or damages suffered as a consequence of your, your guests’ or invitees’ breach of any obligations relating to the Property.  We recommend you carry comprehensive Travel Insurance to cover you in respect of any risk arising to your stay.

Callout Policy: Costs will be incurred should you, your guests or invitees activate a security alarm or damage or misuse appliances or electronics resulting in a serviceman or Staysouth callout. Any repair costs and/or callout fees will be charged to the credit card held on file.

Carpet Cleaning Policy: In the event of carpet/upholstery stains being found which require professional cleaning, Staysouth reserves the right to charge the Lead Guest a minimum of NZ$150 + GST to restore the fabrics back to a reasonable standard.

Lost Property, Left Behind Items: Staysouth will hold for 1 month any lost property/personal items found at the Property upon guests’ departure.  Upon request, and on condition NZ Post rules are observed, Staysouth is happy to mail any lost property to a contact address provided. A minimum fee of NZD50+GST plus postage and packaging applies. 

Staysouth accepts no liability for any left-behind items.  Staysouth will not collect, keep or return any underwear, soiled or dirty clothes/items, soiled/dirty children's toys/blankets/clothes/equipment, food, toiletries, cosmetics, perfume or alcohol left behind upon your departure.

Noise & Outdoor Socialising Policy:  All Staysouth Properties are bound by Queenstown District Council Regulation and all guests and their invitees must observe the following:

  • Outdoor areas shall not be used between the hours of 10.00 p.m. to 7.00 a.m. except for arriving or departing the premises.
  • Guests may not use the outdoor areas for congregating, talking/conversing or socialising between 10.00 p.m. and 7.00 a.m.

Nuisance and Inconvenience Policy:  Guests or their invitees causing excessive noise or inconvenience to others by way of increased occupancy, vehicle traffic/parking, or illegal activity may result in a penalty fine, eviction and the forfeiture of all prepaid rentals.  These costs will be charged to either a credit card held on file or deducted from the Security Bond held.

Staysouth will not be liable nor pay, remunerate or compensate the Lead Guest, guests or invitees for any inconvenience caused by neighbours or works or construction being carried out or power outages or water shut-downs in the common areas of the Property, neighbouring buildings, roads or anywhere else beyond Staysouth’s control.

Parking and Vehicle Policy:  Most Staysouth Properties have either their own private garage or parking bay in a communal garage or driveway – suitable for a standard-sized car.  Most are not suitable for vans, campervans, trucks or any vehicles taller than 2 metres. You may only park vehicles in the Property’s designated parking bay/garage and must ensure other properties’ access and parking is not compromised. Parking in front of garages is not permitted at any Staysouth Property situated in a multi-unit complex. 

Some properties’ Body Corporates have strict and specific parking rules - please see your Property’s Compendium for more details.  

If your vehicle does not fit in the Property’s designated parking bay or garage, you must find alternative parking. Staysouth will not be liable nor pay, remunerate or compensate the Lead Guest, guests or invitees for any inconvenience caused by a Property having parking unsuitable to your needs.

Parties and Events:  All Staysouth properties have a ZERO party policy.  Small/intimate events may, at Staysouth’s sole discretion, be permitted.  Staysouth must approve in writing any such events. We will advise any additional costs and additional terms and conditions associated with such permitted event at the time approval is granted.

Pet Policy:  Most Staysouth properties have a strict NO PET policy, however, should you be travelling with a Pet or registered Assistance or Service Animal, please enquire directly with Staysouth as to whether it is allowed or not.  Staysouth can advise Property-specific policy, rules and regulations and any guest obligations at the time.  Please be aware, that you will be liable for any damage caused to the Property and/or any additional cleaning required upon your departure from the Property.

Property Suitability Policy:  Each Staysouth Property is privately and individually owned and as such may have unusual features, limited accessibility, or potentially dangerous conditions. It is the guests’ responsibility to review all property details, amenities, specifications and unique characteristics, including environmental conditions, to verify prior to booking that the property you have chosen is suitable. Guests with mobility challenges or those travelling with children are specifically advised to discuss concerns or requirements with our reservation team as you cannot change properties upon arrival and if not suitable and cancelled you will not be entitled to any refund.

Public or Statutory Holiday Policy:  Surcharges may apply to departures and any additional services (e.g. meet and greet, housekeeping/servicing, pantry stocking, concierge services etc.) requested on Public Holidays. Staysouth Office and General Reservation Phone Support is closed on public & statutory holidays. 

Inhouse Guest support is always available via our emergency telephone extension if there is a problem at the Property.

Staysouth Hours of Operation & Phone Support Policy:

Office Hours: 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. (Closed Saturday, Sunday, Public and Statutory Holidays)

General Reservation Phone Support: 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Sunday (+64 3 442 4420, follow voice prompt).  This service may be limited on Public and Statutory Holidays, and a call-back service may be in operation.

Urgent/Emergency Afterhours Inhouse Guest Phone Support – 8 pm to 8 am, Monday to Sunday (+64 3 442 4420, follow voice prompt).  Inhouse Guest support is always available via the emergency telephone extension if there is a problem at the property or outside General Reservation Phone Support hours.

Voicemail and Call Back Service:  Should the Staysouth phone not be answered immediately, please leave a voicemail message - ensure you clearly state your name, the Property (and unit number) you are staying in and your return phone number to allow us to return your call in a timely manner.  Your phone number is not shown to us if our phones are diverted. 

Rubbish Policy:  Each Staysouth Property or complex has its own Rubbish Policy.  Please check your Property’s Compendium for Property-specific information on procedure and policy.

New Zealand adopted a no single-use-plastic-bag policy effective 1st July 2019.  Please be mindful of our landfill and recycling options and help us to preserve and protect our environment.

Queenstown has three types of rubbish collection and your Property’s outdoor bins will be labelled: 

  • Glass Recycling – any CLEANED/RINSED glass bottle/jar/container, regardless of colour
  • General Recycling – including CLEANED numbered plastic containers, tin, paper and cardboard. Please note – all forms of plastic packaging and bags are NOT to be placed in any recycling container/bin.
  • General Refuse/Waste/Rubbish – all general household rubbish excluding liquids, hazardous wastes and sewerage.

Smoking Policy:  All Staysouth Properties have a strict NO SMOKING policy.  Many have a blanket no-smoking policy anywhere on common/complex-wide property – see property compendium for more information, rules and regulations.


The following is a guideline of Staysouth fees which may be charged for breach of The Rental Agreement. These may be charged, at Staysouth’s discretion and amounts are intended as a guideline only:

  • Staysouth Call Out Fee: NZD75 - NZD250+GST
  • Deodorising due to smoking or other odours in the Property: NZD500+GST
  • Noise/Nuisance Call Out Fee: NZD500+GST
  • Lost keys, remote controls: NZD100 – NZD250+GST
  • Excessive cleaning: NZD55+GST per hour
  • Excessive rubbish removal: NZD55+GST per hour (minimum one hour applies), should a trip to the refuse station to dispose of the rubbish be required a further one-off NZD75+GST fee will be incurred
  • Damages and breakages, foreseeable wear and tear notwithstanding charged at cost to repair or replace plus a minimum NZD150+GST administration fee
  • Early check-in between 12-3 pm: NZD150
  • Late check-out between 10 am-12 pm: NZD150
  • Booking amendment fee: NZD75 - NZD250+GST per amendment
  • Accommodation Security Bond: is Property Specific and ranges between NZD500 – NZD1500
  • Event or Location Security Bond: is Property Specific and ranges between NZD1500 – NZD5000
  • Meet and Greet Service: NZD75 to NZD150+GST
  • Return Meet and Greet Service fee: NZD150+GST
  • Security Bond pre-authorisations do NOT incur any additional fees


Staysouth, at its discretion, may choose to relocate guests to an alternative property, or cancel any booking in the event of Force Majeure, if the property has become unsafe for any reason or any other unforeseen circumstance beyond Staysouth’s control.  Staysouth will not be liable for any loss or damage sustained by the guest due to any of these situations or from such relocation or cancellation.


The Lead Guest must ensure nothing is done to compromise or adversely affect either the Property Owner or Staysouth’s insurance over the property and its furniture, fittings and general chattels.

In the event a claim to cover damage or breakages caused by a guest is made against the Property Owner or Staysouth’s insurance policy; the Lead Guest is liable for any excess.

When using facilities or equipment at the property including but not limited to jacuzzi baths, spa & swimming pools, bicycles, kayaks, dinghies, motorbikes and barbeques and regardless of who owns them, guests and visitors must follow instruction, safe operating procedure and do so at their own risk.  Staysouth and the Property Owner accept no responsibility for any injury, damage or loss whatsoever.  Children must always be supervised and are the responsibility of the Lead Guest. Ltd. does not accept any responsibility or liability for acts of omission or misrepresentation by third parties and third-party websites that may prevent, disappoint or disrupt a guest’s booking and stay at a Staysouth property. 

All information and descriptions listed on any and all Staysouth owned websites are believed to be accurate and are offered in good faith. On occasion and due to circumstances beyond our control; certain features or facilities may not be available and for this we accept no liability. Every effort has been made to describe the property accurately and supply and provide what has been described on our website and we do not accept any liability if the property does not meet guest expectations.

Staysouth and the Property Owner accept no responsibility for any issues and inconvenience arising from situations/conditions beyond the boundary of the Property.  Staysouth will make every effort to advise in-house guests of any known and pre-scheduled maintenance works required in the property itself or in the property’s building, however, neither Staysouth nor the Property Owner accept any responsibility or liability for these works.

Staysouth accepts no liability where a guest’s booking and/or stay is affected by 'force majeure'. In the context of these terms and conditions, 'force majeure' is any event that we could not, even with due care, foresee or avoid. Staysouth shall not be responsible for any disruption or delay to the Property rental in the case of force majeure or conditions beyond our control.   

The Lead Guest indemnifies Staysouth and the Property Owner in respect of any costs incurred as a result of their, their guests’ or invitees breaching the terms and conditions listed herein and Staysouth is authorised to debit such costs to the credit card held on file.

The Lead Guest is responsible for all losses, breakages, damage or destruction to the property – including direct and indirect costs relating to damage caused to the property or its contents. 

Guests’ personal effects, vehicles and/or vehicle contents are not covered under Staysouth or the Property Owner’s insurance, and guests solely responsible for these and as such must carry their own insurance to cover these.  Staysouth and the Property Owner accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to guests’ or any visitor’s personal effects, vehicles and/or vehicle contents arising out of or in connection with the use of the property, the property’s driveway and parking or any common areas. 

The Lead Guest is responsible for all their guests and invitees abiding by the property’s house rules, Body Corporate rules and regulations; local Council laws, rules and regulations and is responsible for any fines incurred and/or any charges arising from actions of third party.


Use of Staysouth’s services are solely at the Lead Guest’s risk.  Every effort has been made to ensure all Staysouth properties and their contents meet New Zealand legal Health and Safety requirements, however, we make no representation and give no warranty of any kind in relation to the Property, product, equipment or services featured at the property or on our website/s.

Staysouth, the Property Owner and the Lead Guest will comply with their respective obligations under New Zealand’s Health and Safety at Work Act and its associated Regulations, Codes of Practice, Guidelines and Fact Sheets in discharging their obligations under The Rental Agreement.


All guests acknowledge that Staysouth represents the Property Owner and any complaint or dispute that a guest may have with respect to the Property is a dispute between the Lead Guest and the Property Owner.  Staysouth will not represent the guest in any such dispute.

Should any complaint from or dispute between either Staysouth or the Lead Guest arise; the parties agree to meet (either at Staysouth offices, by telephone or by email) to discuss in good faith a resolution by negotiation. 

Should a resolution not be agreed in such a meeting; the following process and provisions apply:

  • No party may commence or maintain any action or proceeding in any court, tribunal or otherwise without first following and complying with the below;
  • If any party believes a dispute has arisen; it may issue to the other party a Dispute Notice setting out the particulars of the dispute. After receipt of the Dispute Notice the parties shall have 20 working days to negotiate, with best endeavours and in good faith, attempt to resolve the dispute;
  • If the dispute has not been resolved within 20 working days after receipt of the Dispute Notice, or within a period agreed in writing by both/all parties involved, the parties attempt to resolve the dispute either through the Queenstown Disputes Tribunal if it is of a value less than NZD15,000 or through mediation with a mediator selected by the current President of the New Zealand Law Society, if the dispute has a value greater than NZD15,000;
  • If the dispute is pursued through the Queenstown Disputes Tribunal, both parties agree to accept the Tribunal’s decision as final;
  • If mediation is pursued and if the dispute is not resolved at the conclusion of such mediation, then either party may exercise any other legal rights available to it;
  • Unless the dispute renders either party impossible to do so; while the dispute is being resolved, all parties shall continue to be bound by their respective obligations under The Rental Agreement;
  • If a dispute is reasonably foreseeable; both parties agree to deal with the issue/dispute in a timely and sufficiently early stage to ensure a minimum effect on the ability of either party to perform its obligations under the terms of The Rental Agreement;
  • Nothing in this clause can prevent either party seeking relief before the Queenstown or an alternative appropriate court.

Neither Staysouth nor the Property owner accept any responsibility for any disturbances to the Lead Guest, any guests included in the Lead Guest’s booking or to any visitors arising from work being carried out beyond the boundary of the Property and shall not be liable for any compensation or refund arising from any such disturbance, whether due to road works, construction, utility providers/servicemen, Body Corporate contractors or any other nuisance, annoyance or inconvenience outside Staysouth or the Property Owner’s control. No guest payments may be deferred or withheld by reason of any such disturbance and must be paid as they fall due.

All parties acknowledge that circumstances can occur resulting in certain facilities or services being unavailable as a result of maintenance requirements, health and safety concerns, weather conditions or accidents.  In such cases neither the Property Owner nor Staysouth will be liable for the loss or unavailability of any service or any action taken by any person or authority outside Staysouth’s control affecting such service or facility’s availability. 


  • It is not a waiver of any rights listed under The Rental Agreement should Staysouth not exercise or enforce any rights available to it.
  • Should any part/clause of The Rental Agreement become or is held to be invalid, that part/clause of the Agreement is severed from the remaining Agreement which remains in effect and in full force.


  • The parties’ addresses provided/listed at the time The Rental Agreement is entered into, or those addresses subsequently provided by either party are the relevant addresses for the service of notice.  
  • Notices are required in writing and are required to be served by email (receipt must be acknowledged by the recipient), signed courier or registered post.
  • All terms and conditions are governed and construed in accordance with New Zealand law.  Rules, regulations and laws from guests’ home country or any other country are not relevant to The Rental Agreement and do not in any way affect Staysouth or the Property Owner’s responsibilities or liabilities.


You, your guests and any invitees’ occupancy and rental of the Property may be terminated with immediate effect with the forfeiture of all/any monies paid if you are found to be in breach of any Terms, Conditions, Rules or Policies specified within The Rental Agreement.

A breach may also result in the forfeiture of the Security bond held against the Property.


Additional Guests/Occupancy Limitations - Each Staysouth property has specific occupancy limits, which are strictly enforced. The number of adults, children and infants to occupy the property must be stated at the time of booking and before check-in and must not exceed the allowed number of guests. Staysouth, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to charge a penalty fee and evict all guests with the forfeiture of all monies paid, should you be found to have more than the booked/agreed number of guests staying at the Property. Any penalty fees or additional costs will be charged to the credit card held on file.

Age of Guests - Any Guest making a booking must be over 25 years of age and all/any guests unaccompanied by a parent or guardian must also be over 25 years of age.

Lost Property - Staysouth accepts no liability for any left behind items.  Staysouth will not collect, keep or return any underwear, soiled or dirty clothes/items, soiled/dirty children toys/blankets/clothes/equipment, food, toiletries, cosmetics, perfume or alcohol left behind upon your departure.


Agreement:  All guests agree to be bound by Ltd’s terms and conditions by paying the deposit, accommodation charges and security bond (if applicable), either directly to Staysouth or through a booking agent. If booked through a booking agent, all guests are required to authorise the release of their credit card details to Staysouth and authorises Staysouth to charge such credit card for additional cleaning, damage, emergency outcalls and associated collection costs.   A confirmed booking acknowledges that both the Lead Guest and Staysouth have accepted the Rental Agreement with all its terms and conditions listed herein.

Booking Amendment:  means a change of check-in date, a change to the number of guests, the addition/cancellation of extras in the way of baby gear or guest services or housekeeping requirements or a change in the bed configuration selected at the time of confirmation.  It does NOT mean a change of property or a change in the number of consecutively booked nights of stay. 

Cancellation:  means the cancellation of all or any number of nights booked i.e. it may be the entire booking or it may be some of the nights/part of the total nights booked.  A request to decrease the number of nights of stay is considered a cancellation of those nights.

Force Majeure:  include but are not limited to war, threat of war, riot, civil commotion or strife, hostilities, industrial dispute, natural disaster, fire, flood, volcanic eruption, acts of God, terrorist activity, nuclear disaster, adverse weather, landslide, earthquake, government action, blockade, sabotage, insurrection, technical or computer problems, telecommunications delay or malfunction, or transportation failure or delay or the acts, rules, regulation orders or directives of any governmental body or similar cause beyond Staysouth’s control which prevents Staysouth performing its obligation under The Rental Agreement.

Lead Guest/You:  The Lead Guest must be an occupant of the Property for the duration of the booking and is the person in whose name the rental booking is made.  The Lead Guest is responsible for all other occupants of the Property for the duration of the rental booking/stay and all references to the Lead Guest, by implication mean all occupants of the Property for the duration of the rental booking.  You means the Lead Guest and or any occupants of the Property.

New Zealand Public/Statutory Holidays:  Christmas Day; Boxing Day; 01 and 02 January; Waitangi Day; Otago Anniversary Day; Good Friday; Easter Monday; Anzac Day; Queen’s Birthday; Labour Day.

Property:  The house/apartment/villa/townhouse/duplex/hotel room/motel room/bed & breakfast/flat/unit – and any other type of Property available to rent through Ltd.  the property includes the building and any land associated with it, the building’s furniture, fittings and fixtures, appliances and the use of any rights of access, paths, driveways and drive entrances, any common areas and any other items included in the rental of the Property for the tenant/guests’ enjoyment of the Property and for which use can be granted by Staysouth.

Property Owner:  is the registered owner/proprietor of the Property rented by the Lead Guest

Reasonable Wear & Tear:  is the reasonable deterioration of or damage to the Property that can be foreseen when it is used by a reasonably careful person and when the Property is being used in accordance with its purpose. Non-expected damage, or damage which renders the Property unusable is not reasonable wear and tear.

Staysouth/We:  means Ltd. and is the registered Manager and authorised representative of the registered Property Owner.

Terms & Conditions:  mean and include these Terms and Conditions and Guest Rules, House Policy and Local Authority/Body Corporate/Government Regulations listed herein and which make up The Rental Agreement, and which include and extend to any Letter of Offer, Quote, online Booking Confirmation email and correspondence as well as any additional special or extra-ordinary conditions imposed on the Lead Guest by Staysouth.