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Guide: Summer like a Kiwi


croppedimage960390 Swimmers at the Queenstown Bay Waterfront

Queenstown is a year-round holiday destination, but us kiwis know how to do summer best! With the obvious selling point of Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown makes for a pretty sweet summer and we have put together a few pointers on how to enjoy the most Kiwi Summer ever!

Fish & Chips
A kiwi staple year round, but even more so in summer! Throw on your janadals, head to Eric’s Fish & Chips to pick up your order and take it down to the lake to enjoy lakeside. Don’t forget the tomato sauce and a loaf of bread to make chip butty’s.

Water Sports & Boating
A kiwi summer wouldn’t be complete without some time spent on the water! Whether it be swimming, biscuiting, water skiing, wake boarding or fishing there’s nothing more we love than a water activity on a hot summers day.

Rope Swings
We don’t know why but for some reason us kiwis seem to be compelled to jump, swing or fling ourselves off something. Whether it be attached to a glorified elastic band or into the water it doesn’t get much more kiwi than this. For a great rope swing head down to Lake Hayes!

A summer BBQ alongside Lake Wakatipu is a must do! If you are travelling through and don’t have access to a BBQ, fear not! Along the Lake Esplanade you will find built in BBQ’s free for anyone’s use, just make sure to clean up after.


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