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Queenstown for the Outdoorsy Types


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Are you thinking of a one-of-a-kind vacation that you will never forget? Queenstown is known for its breathtaking views and natural landscapes as featured in the film Lord of the Rings. It is very popular with Australians, particularly the adrenaline junkies in search of new adventures. There are plenty of activities to choose from, places to explore and nature galore. Are you excited yet? Once you've planned your itinerary, Staysouth can help you find the best Queenstown apartments. Are your bags packed yet? Great. Now let's have a look at what's on offer for the outdoorsy types out there.

Popular Action-Packed Activities

What makes Queenstown an extraordinary place to visit is its amazing selection of adventure activities that will satisfy your need for speed and thrills. In fact, this town has made headlines for being the first place in the world to offer commercial bungy jumping. The Nevis bungy is the highest in New Zealand and is higher than the bungy in Cairns by more than 80 meters. Just imagine yourself plummeting down at the fastest speed and enjoying the spectacular views all around you.

Even if you are vacationing in winter, there are still endless things to do in this town that will keep you busy and inspired at the same time. Here is a rundown of a few exciting activities you can do on your Queenstown trip.

1. Explore the town's hiking trails

Queenstown features vast green spaces where you can enjoy a leisure stroll while exploring the town's natural beauty. For instance, you may visit the Mount Aspiring National Park and choose to go on a multi-day tramp or a day-long walk, perfect for people of all ages. Famous tracks include the Atley Track and the Ben Lomond Track, which can take you about 3 to 6 hours to complete.

2. Go fishing

There are also plenty of fishing spots in town such as surrounding rivers and lakes that are brimming with fish of various species: it's an ideal pastime suitable for nature enthusiasts of all ages.

3. Choose from a range of water activities

Crazy about jet boating, or perhaps enjoy heart-pumping whitewater rafting? Queenstown has got you covered, and you can check out a few places for these adventure-filled water sports activities such as the Kawarau, Dart, or Shot over Rivers.

4. Discover Queenstown by going on a guided tour

Whether you are a huge Lord of the Rings fan, or you just want to learn more about the town and its history, then sign up for a historical tour aboard an off-road vehicle as you explore this charming place further.

Planning for Your Trip

If you are looking for an unforgettable holiday, Queenstown has be a part of your bucket list for a thrilling break you will remember for years. Its breathtaking scenery is one of the world's finest, and there are dozens of activities in store for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. Choose from a range of Queenstown apartments with Staysouth that will meet your needs and budget. We hope to hear from you soon!

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