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Queenstown Spring in Full Bloom


croppedimage960390 Queenstown Gardens in Summer

A walk along the lakeside or through Queenstown Centre is proof enough that Spring is in full swing with Summer just around the corner! We have put together some of our favourite things about Spring in Queenstown.

Spring Animals:

Spring in Queenstown is the time of the year where we are overrun with lambs and ducklings, we could think of much worse things! Take a drive out of Queenstown and watch the lambs frolicking in the paddocks or head to the Gardens and watch the ducklings swim in line in the pond or tumble over in the wind.

Queenstown Gardens:

Take a walk and enjoy the warm temperatures, colours and scents of Spring. Head to the Queenstown Gardens considered the “crown jewel of Queenstown reserves” and enjoy the sights and smells of Spring, including the beautiful Tulips which currently fill the Gardens in full bloom.

Outdoor Buzz

It only takes a walk along Queenstown Bay to know that summer is on its way, sunbathers and picknickers have come out of hibernation and are filling the lakeside during the warm hours. As the temperatures are heating up the local restaurants are opening their doors and spreading their tables outside for a spot of alfresco dining.

Warmer temperatures, longer days

The warm days are only getting warmer as well as the days getting longer, a true sign Spring is in full bloom and Summer is just around the corner. While Queenstown is generally done at full pace, with longer days/ daylight hours there is no rush, with daylight hours now ending at 8:30pm it means we can pack more activities into the day!

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