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When is the best time to visit New Zealand’s South Island?


Queenstown Gardens in Summer

With such a diverse range of temperatures, activities and attractions, the South Island of New Zealand has something on offer at all times of the year. The time of year you visit simply depends on how you plan on spending your days.

Queenstown is known as the adrenaline capital of the country. The months between June and October offer a wide range of winter sports to satiate your adrenaline needs - skiing and snow boarding are the main attractions of Queenstown during these months. If you're visiting from the northern hemisphere and wish to experience something different, then a ski trip in July is sure to have you a little discombobulated - but don't worry, the plethora of stunning views and fresh powder will keep you more than happy.

The blossoming of buds and flowers brings spring and the end of the ski season. The combination of warmer days and the smattering of snow that still exists in the Southern Alps, is a sight for sore eyes. This time of year provides the calm between Winter and Summer and if you're looking to explore the South Island away from the crowds, then the months between September and November are perfect.

New Zealand’s South Island is home to a multitude of incredible walks, lakes and national parks, and summer is a fantastic time to explore the stunning scenery. The long hot days provide the perfect backdrop to any activity you wish to partake in, whether that be the range of adventure activities on offer in Queenstown, or simply enjoying a lakeside retreat to relax during your summer break. Enjoy long evenings alongside the lake, dine in at some of the country’s top restaurants, and simply enjoy this wonderful corner of the world.

If photography and hiking are your passions, then we would recommend visiting in Autumn. The light and colours this time of year is simply magical; a golden glow is cast across the landscape ensuring every photo you take is a keeper. Hiking during the summer months can be busy and hot, however between March and May, the days are long enough and warm enough without being stifling. Queenstown is a great place to access many of New Zealand’s Great Walks, and we would recommend setting up a base here to come and go from as you explore the country deeper. 

Whether you’re here for a ski vacation, summertime getaway or simply passing through whilst driving the length of the South Island, Commonage Villas Luxury Accommodation has something for you. Our Villas cater to all your needs and offer the perfect home away from home whilst you enjoy your South Island experience.

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